Accepted Posters

Please find below the list of accepted posters:
Title of the postersAuthor(s)
#1 Uncovering new non-coding RNA genes in human by reducing RNA structure bias in RNA-SeqVincent Boivin, Olivier Boisvert, Sonia Couture, Sherif Abou Elela and Michelle Scott
#2 Non-parametric and semi-parametric support estimation using SEquential RESampling random walks on biomolecular sequencesUncovering new non-coding RNA genes in human by reducing RNA structure bias in RNA-SeqWei Wang, Jack Smith, Hussein A. Hejase, and Kevin J. Liu
#3 Introgression and rapid divergence in recently emerged tree pathogensAnna Fijarczyk, Pauline Hessenauer, Hélène Martin, Louis Bernier, Philippe Tanguay, Richard Hamelin and Christian R Landry
#4 Accurate prediction of orthologs in the presence of divergence after duplicationManuel Lafond, Mona Meghdari Miardan and David Sankoff
#5 Effect of binding interference on the divergence between paralogous genes that encode homodimers Accurate prediction of orthologs in the presence of divergence after duplicationAngel F. Cisneros, Honey A. Jain, Christian R. Landry
#7 Evolution of Genomic Domain Content Revealed by a Birth-Death-Gain ModelYuting Xiao, Maureen Stolzer, Dannie Durand
#8 Is hybridization an adaptive force in response to DNA damage ?Carla Bautista Rodríguez, Souhir Marsit, Christian Landry
#9 Evolution of the interactome after interspecies hybridizationCaroline Berger, R. Dandage, K-M. Moon, R.G. Stacey, I. Gagnon-Arsenault, L.J. Foster, and C.R. Landry
#10 Ploidy variation and genomic instability within yeast hybridsSouhir Marsit, Guillaume Charron, Mathieu Hénault, Hélène Martin, Christian R Landry
#11 Speciation in a Birth-and-Death Model of FractionationYue Zhang, Chunfang Zheng and David Sankoff
#12 A method to investigate the influence of spatial organization in differential expression of metabolic gene clustersDaniel Doerr
#13 Fast and global detection of periodic sequence repeats in large genomic resources Hideto Mori, Daniel Evans-Yamamoto, Soh Ishiguro, Masaru Tomita, and
Nozomu Yachie
#14 Dosage matters: The phenotypic and molecular effects of experimental gene duplication in yeastDiana Ascencio, Guillaume Diss, Adriana Espinoza, Alexander de Luna and Christian R. Landry
#15 Visualization of gene structure based on multiple spliced alignmentSafa Jammali, Samuel Whittom, Esaie Kuitche Kamela and Aïda Ouangraoua
#16 Comparative linkage maps to characterize structural variants underlying adaptive variation in Atlantic silversidesMaria Akopyan, Hannes Baumann, Aryn P. Wilder, Nina Overgaard Therkildsen
#17 Gene tree and transcript tree construction using splicing orthology groups Esaie Kuitche, Marie Degen, Safa Jammali, Aïda Ouangraoua
#19 An alignment-free approach to predict secondary structures of homologous RNA sequencesValentin Carpentier, Ali Fotouhi, Jean-Pierre Séhi Glouzon, and Aïda Ouangraoua
#20 Phylogenetic Manifold Regularization: A Semi-Supervised Approach for Transcription Factor Binding Sites PredictionFaizy Ahsan, Alexandre Drouin, François Laviolette, Doina Precup, and Mathieu Blanchette
#21 Genome-wide association study of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in cystic fibrosis patientsKatie Noah, Calvin Jary, and Alex Wong
#22 Operon-based Approach for the Inference of tRNA Gene EvolutionTomasz Pawliszak, Meghan Chua, Michelle Wiebe, and Olivier Tremblay-Savard
#23 Molecular pleiotropy contributes to the formation and retention of heterodimers in protein networksAxelle Marchant, Angel F. Cisneros, Alexandre Dubé, Isabelle Gagnon-Arsenault, Diana Ascencio, Christian R. Landry
#24 Evolutionary rate change and the transformation from additive to ultrametric: modal similarity of orthologs in fish and flower phylogenomicsDaniella Santos Muñoz, Eric Lam, and David Sankoff
#25 Mutational signatures of alternative DNA repair pathways in human cancer cellsSamuel Zimmer, Alexandre Maréchal and Pierre-Étienne Jacques
#26 RNA G-quadruplexes prediction to investigate a novel RNA regulation modelJean-Michel Garant, Rachel Jodoin, Michelle S. Scott, Jean-Pierre Perreault
#27 Using public data repositories to conduct an epigenomic comparative study between speciesJean-François Nadeau, Marc-Antoine Robert, and Pierre-Étienne Jacques
#28 Construction of TE-interaction network revealing evolutionary relationships between transposable elementsLingling Jin and Ian McQuillan
#29 Study of conservation and diversity of mobile genomic islands in Vibrionaceae: detection, identification and classificationAudrey Bioteau, Pierre-Étienne Jacques and Vincent Burrus
#30 BOFdat: generating biomass objective function for genome-scale models from experimental dataJean-Christophe Lachance, Sébastien Rodrigue, Pierre-Étienne Jacques
#31 A General Framework for Genome Rearrangement with Biological ConstraintsPijus Simonaitis, Annie Chateau, and Krister M. Swenson
#32 Genome-wide comparison of DNA methylation patterns between umbilical cord blood and placenta Marika Groleau, Luigi Bouchard, Marie-France Hivert and Pierre-Étienne Jacques
#33 Adequate Subgraph Approach for Guided Genome Halving ProblemPavel Avdeyev, Maria Atamanova, Anton Nekhai, and Max A. Alekseyev
#34 Fast phylogeny reconstruction based on whole-proteome sequences using Prot-SpaMChris-André Leimeister, Jendrik Schellhorn, Svenja Dorrer, Michael Gerth, Christoph Bleidorn, and Burkhard Morgenstern
#35 Gap size distribution within synteny blocks in the history of an allotetraploid and its ancestorsZhe Yu, Chunfang Zheng, and David Sankoff
#36 PathOGiST: Calibrated multi-criterion genomic analysis for public health microbiologyPedro Feijao, Sean La, Matthew Nguyen, Johnathan Wong, Mohsen
Katebi, Alex Sweeten, Tony Nguyen, Margaryta Vityaz, Julius Booth, William
Hsiao, Cedric Chauve, and Leonid Chindelevitch
#37 Identification and analysis of ancient mammalian transposable elements through ancestral genome reconstructionAirin Ahia-Tabibi and Mathieu Blanchette
#38 How Plastic are Multidomain Proteins? Quantifying Domain Co-evolution in Primate GenomesMaureen Stolzer and Dannie Durand
#39 Computational prediction of C-to-U RNA editing from alignments of genomic sequencesAnna Thibert, Emmanuel Noutahi, Robin Milosz and Nadia El-Mabrouk
#40 Genomic Analysis Reveals Gene Clusters Responsive to Embryonic Ethanol ExposureStephanie Bingham, Alayna Gallagher, Annalliam Flores, Jennyvette Trinidad, Vania Arboleda, Julia de Almeida Rego, Daniel Villada